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With Ink Smeared Down her Hand

I'm a generally positive person with more pet peeves than I can count. I hate old sponges, condescending people and mutated strawberries. I can sing the entire libretto of Les Misérables and the amount of times I have read Harry Potter outnumbers the amount of digits on my hands and feet.

I love my friends, family, pets, and felt tipped pens.
acting, american gods, andrea woolbright, animagus, animals, barricades, bernadette peters, bonnie wright, books, broadway, caliban, celia keenan-bolger, chamber of secrets, colm wilkinson, community service, confrontation, csr, deathly hallows, drama, dumbledore, dumbledore's army, enneagram type 5, eponine, eponine's errand, eponine/marius, fan fiction, fanfiction, fantasy, flaming toad, gavroche, ginny weasley, girl scout cookies, goblet of fire, grantaire, gryffindor, half blood prince, halfway to infinity, harry potter, harry/hermione, hats, hms harmony, horcruxes, hunter foster, intj, into the woods, ipods, iron chef, javert, jazz shoes, jk rowling, joanna gleason, knitting, kurt vonnegut, lea salonga, leo bell, les miserables, les misérables, lions, lord of the rings, lottie rowe, macbeth, macs, magic, marius, matthew lewis, melissa lyons, mirror of erised, miss saigon, mnff, monopoly, mugglenet, mugglenet fanfiction, musical theatre, musicals, neil gaiman, neverwhere, neville longbottom, neville/ginny, on my own, orcs, order of the phoenix, oxford, patronus, philosopher's stone, pokemon, post secret, potter puppet pals, prisoner of azkaban, prospero, pumpkin pie, ravenclaw, reading, rupert grint, scarves, shipping, shipping wars, singing, sirius, snowglobes, socks, sorcerer's stone, south park, stan nicholls, stardust, sudoku, summer, sutton foster, sweeney todd, the lion king, the little prince, the meaning of life, the scottish play, the tempest, theater, theatre, tom marvolo riddle, urinetown, used books, valjean, victor hugo, weasleys, wheel of time, writing